Center Studio is dedicated to developing and connecting artists by offering classes and lessons, recording services, and community events.

You might think of Center Studio as a place. We intend for it to be a movement, creating opportunities for artists of all ages to learn, create, and record in a faith-based, communal, graceful environment which encourages innovation, positive expression, and exploration of visual and musical gifts which reflect the image of their Giver and Creator. Whether you are interested in exploring an art form through classes or individual lessons, exploring recording of original songs, or attending a showcase, concert, or masterclass, Center Studio will provide an invitation and a pathway for these and other ways of celebrating and embracing the arts.



 Looking to record your original songs? Need a producer or help with arrangements or instrumentalists?

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 Desiring to explore your gifts through a class setting or individual lessons?


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 Wanting to connect to other artists in a smaller environment, or attend showcase events from local and regional artists, with opportunities for Q&A?

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For information regarding any of our programs or services, please explore the website or contact us for more information. We'd be glad to answer any questions or provide information or advice!

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